Summer Wrap-up

Here’s a comprehensive list of e-bike events scheduled in Australia during the summer months of 2023-2024. These events offer a variety of experiences for e-bike enthusiasts, from scenic rides and challenging climbs to festivals encompassing multiple cycling disciplines. Each event caters to different skill levels and interests, making them suitable for a wide range of cyclists.

  1. Gran Fondo Australia
    • Date: 6th January 2024
    • Location: Ballarat, Australia
    • Event Type: Gran Fondo (Road Cycling Event)
    • Details: This event features a road cycling gran fondo in the scenic region of Ballarat​​.
  2. Tumut Cycle Classic
    • Date: 7th January 2024
    • Location: Tumut, Australia
    • Event Type: Cyclosportive
    • Details: A cyclosportive event offering a mix of distances to cater to different levels of cyclists​​.
  3. Santos Festival of Cycling
    • Date: 12th – 21st January 2024
    • Location: Adelaide, Australia
    • Event Type: Mixed (Road, MTB, Cyclo-Cross, Handbike)
    • Details: This diverse festival features various types of cycling events, including e-bike categories​​​​.
  4. Alpine Classic
    • Date: 19th – 20th January 2024
    • Location: Bright, Australia
    • Event Type: Cyclosportive, Ultra, Ride
    • Details: An event for serious cyclists, featuring long-distance rides in the Alpine region​​.
  5. Lake Hume Cycle Challenge
    • Date: 11th February 2024
    • Location: Wodonga, Australia
    • Event Type: Cyclosportive (Road, MTB, Gravel, Handbike, E-Bike)
    • Details: This challenge offers a range of cycling categories, including e-bikes, around the scenic Lake Hume​​​​​​.
  6. Peaks Challenge
    • Date: 10th March 2024
    • Location: Falls Creek, Australia
    • Event Type: Gran Fondo
    • Details: Known for its challenging climb, this is a highly demanding road cycling event​​.
  7. Gravel Macedon
    • Date: 23rd March 2024
    • Location: Macedon, Australia
    • Event Type: Gravel Riding
    • Details: This event offers an off-the-grid experience with secret routes for gravel riding enthusiasts​​.
  8. Dirty Detour Monkerai
    • Date: 10th August 2024
    • Location: Monkerai, Australia
    • Event Type: Ride (MTB, Gravel, E-Bike)
    • Details: A ride event catering to mountain bike, gravel, and e-bike enthusiasts in Monkerai​​​​.

If you would like to attend one of the following event. Contact the event direct and remember to check the specific event details and registration requirements, as they all can vary.