Top Tips for your Ebike: Electric Motor and Chain Maintenance 

Electric bikes are pretty much maintenance free, however a small amount of maintenance will ensure your ebike is running efficiently. The motor and drive system / chain (depending on your ebike) are crucial areas to focus on.  Below are a couple of top tips to look after your ebike. 

  • Drive System and Chain: The drive system, which typically includes the chain, gears, and belt on a belt-driven system or chain specifically, is one of the most hard-working components of your eBike. Therefore, the need for regular maintenance is paramount.
    • For the Chain: Keep it clean and lubricated. After every few rides, clean it gently using a soft brush and proper chain cleaner. Then, apply a bicycle chain-specific lubricant lightly to the chain whilst rotating the pedals backward. This helps reduce friction, making your ride smoother and extending the chain’s life.
  • For the Gears: Ensure your gear changes are smooth. If gears are skipping, it might be time for an adjustment of the operating wire. While minor adjustments can be done at home, for considerable issues, consult with a professional bike mechanic, deterioration can occur over time, which can cause further damage, if not repaired in a timely fashion
  • Electric Motor: The electric motor of an eBike is built sturdy to last and should not require much maintenance at all, thanks to its rugged and enclosed design keeping it free from dirt and grime. However, listening and feeling is the key here, you will notice a change when riding. If your electric motor is making unusual noises or feels different when pedalling, consult your local bike mechanic, or where you purchased the bike ASAP to avoid further damage. 
  • All other Electrical Components:  Regularly assess electrical components, such as your control displays and electric connections. Ensure they’re in good working order and free from dust and dirt.

Remember, eBike maintenance isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ and depends on your specific bike. Every ebike is different, each ebike manufacturer is also different, although similar in its application. So, always refer to the maintenance practices and guidelines set out in your specific owner’s manual. Routinely riding and also checking your ebike, keeping the drivetrain clean and lubricated and monitoring the electric motors health will lead to a happier, smoother and more efficient riding experience.