Explained: What is an Electric (eBike) Bike

An ebike (or electric bike) is a bike that is equipped with an electric motor and a battery.

Ebikes come in various styles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes, and can have different levels of motor assistance, ranging from low assistance to high assistance. Some e-bikes also have a throttle that allows the rider to control the motor without pedalling.

Ebikes are designed to provide less strain and increased convenience for the cyclist, especially during uphill climbs or just lengthy rides. With the incorporation of the electric motor and powered by a rechargeable battery, allows any rider, to go longer distances and climb steep hills more easily than a regular bicycle.

Ebikes typically include varying levels or types of pedal assistance, allowing the rider to adjust the amount of torque the bike gives the motor or crank, to meet their needs or desire for physical activity – including Pedal Assist and Throttle on Demand.  The rechargeable batteries store the electrical energy, which is then used by the rider during the ride.